Eric Bolling Just Blasted Lester Holt With Shock Evidence He Was Paid To Rig The Debate


Wikileaks recently uncovered damning evidence that Hillary Clinton’s campaign has paid off staff members in all the key media outlets, including Fox News (the staffs of The Kelly Fileand Shepard Smith’s show…are you surprised?) After the first Presidential Debate, it became very clear to Fox News’ Eric Bolling that moderator Lester Holt was paid off by Hillary’s campaign, too.

Bolling evaluated how Holt moderated the debate, and chronicled all of his obviously biased moves. Said Bolling on Twitter as the debate was going on, “Holt spent excessive time on tax returns and birth certificate. Emails? Health? Not a single minute so far. #LiberalMediaBias” Bolling added, “Wow. Moderator Holt fact checking one candidate. Trump. Will he do the same with Hillary?”

Bolling’s anger built up as the debate wore on. He wrote, “Where’s the fact checking moderator Holt on Hillarys claim NYC murders going down under liberal Mayor DiBlasio” Good question! He added, “America has so many pressing issues: Job losses, ISIS, Homegrown terror, Race tension…Why is Holt spending 15 minutes on the birth certificate?” Because he was paid to! What do you think? Was Lester Holt clearly biased?