Eric Bolling Just Made Mark Cuban Look Like A Total Idiot On Live TV, It’s Amazing


The Democrats have made a great deal out of their claim that Donald Trump can be “baited.” The mainstream, biased liberal media keeps crowing about how Hillary successfully “baits” Trump.

Billionaire Mark Cuban keeps going on interviews and tries to smear Trump for Hillary. Well, guess what? Eric Bolling successfully baited Cuban and made him look like a fool on live TV.

Eric knows that Mark has a huge ego, and likes being flattered and taking credit for things. So Eric baited Cuban with the question, “Are you going to take credit for unsettling Donald Trump to the point Clinton won the debate?” Mark took the bait, and opened his mouth and said a flood of things that made him look vain and stupid.

Said Mark, “I think she won the debate hands down. I am not taking credit. I don’t think I was the one unsettling him, but I certainly unsettled Rudy Giuliani. When he saw me there he was like, ‘What’s he doing here?’ so I got a big kick out of that. I think what really unsettled him was, first, her ability to bait him. But, second, some of his answers — I don’t know if you could hear over the tv — but, he was getting laughed at by the crowd. I think that really upset him and kind of made really antsy which made him really combative.” How dumb is mark for getting baiting himself? Watch it below: