EUROPE CONQUERED! Melania’s Outfit In Belgium Today Left EU Leaders In Awe!


After crossing Italy from his lists of visits, President Donald Trump has moved on to the next point, Brussels, a city he previously labeled as a “hellhole” for all the political corruption. The president arrived in Brussels this Wednesday, to attend his first meeting with Belgium’s Prime Minister Charles Michel, who greeted him as Air Force One was landing.

The main focus of President Trump’s trip to the Belgian capital is for a NATO summit, but the focus of millions of people and supporters around the world wasn’t the summit, but first lady Melania.

In the past couple of days we saw both Melania and Ivanka making headlines with their conservative outfits, while visiting the strict dress-code having Saudi Arabia, Israel and Italy. While many thought that they would have a hard time surpassing the impression they left with their stunning wardrobe, Melania has just proven the critics wrong, and the moment she stepped out of Air Force One, she melted the hearts of millions. Take a look:

If you ask us, Melania and Ivanka was exactly who and what our nation needed as the First Lady and First Daughter. They are an example of elegance, beauty, intelligence as well as behavior, and they represent a rolemodel that is suitable for anyone to look up to. Let’s show them our support and show them how proud we are to have them lead our nation alongside President Trump!