EVERY AMERICAN Just Noticed Something HUUUUGE About Hillary Clinton’s Debate Podium!


Everyone American will be watching tomorrow night’s presidential debate (9PM EST on NBC). It has been predicted to draw a bigger crowd than even the Super Bowl.

However, today pictures of the debate stage were finally released and every single person in America noticed something very suspicious about Hillary Clinton’s podium…


Still don’t see it? Hillary’s podium is significantly shorter!

Now let’s take a closer look at Trump’s podium…


That’s right. That is a big old stack of plywood!

They are using it to raise the podium the height of Trump’s podium to give the optical illusion that Hillary is not 8 inches shorter than him.

And in case you are wondering if this visual trickery will actually work, here are 2 students performing a “mock debate” on the stage to test it out. (H/T – Daily Mail)


But hey, I say let Hillary Clinton try whatever the Hell she wants to. Let her have a special podium. Let her pick the moderators. Let her invite Mark Cuban to sit in the front and make faces at Trump.

All of this is gonna make Donald Trump’s definitive win even more legendary at the end of the day. Now it’s up to us to expose her tricks to everyone so they know what they are getting into tonight.

Let’s share this evidence all over Facebook and Make it go viral. We can do this for Donald Trump!

H/T LibertyWritersNews