Every Single Biker In America Heard Trump’s Call – They FINALLY STAND UNITED With One Purpose [VIDEO]

We already mentioned that the every American biker is making a strong stand for Donald Trump. The mainstream media liberal pricks tend to divide and destroy the nation. On the other hands the patriots are bringing change and prosperity. The bikers of America are united for Trump. They announced that their presence for the Inauguration day is 100% sure and they are going to take a major spot during the spectacle. Read more below:

Let’s give our bikers a big fat ‘THANK YOU!’ They are going to Trump’s inauguration and are vowing to protect Donald Trump at all costs. They are saying that they will form a wall of protection.

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Chris Cox is the founder of Bikers for Trump. He joined Stewart Varney yesterday to discuss his plans for the Jan. 20th Inauguration. Bikers for Trump are planning to protect Trump and the Inaugural attendees.Cox says that bikes will “form a wall of meat” if they need it!

Bikers for Trump just posted the following announcement about their plans for the inauguration. Check them out below.

May God bless our bikers and bless them with strength and peace. We have to join and secure the Inauguration with wall of meat if needed. The liberals are completely loosing it. BIKERS, WE WILL TOGETHER MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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