Every Single Terrorist In The World Is RUNNING SCARED After Trump Announced Mike Flynn’s Replacement

Donald Trump became famous for his wonderful MIND, especially when it comes to building up a team to work with. He also had his own reality show, if you remember well. Now he picks the team that is going to ,,set the coordinates” for our future. After the Flynn incident nothing is the same. That is why Trump doesn’t waste time to make his new pick- it’s happening!

The President Of the United States has wasted no time in replacing Micheal Flynn. We all know that he was forced to remove him after the unveiled plot by the Obama to get him removed.


According to the Washingon Examiner, this man that Trump is looking to tap to replace Michael Flynn is the now retired Vice Admiral Robert Harward. The other people on the list are retired Gen. David Petraeus and retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellog – who is now the acting National Security Adviser.

From the Washington Examiner:

“Harward enlisted in the Navy out of high school, got a fleet appointment to Annapolis, rose through the ranks to become a Navy SEAL, and ultimately became that community’s top commander. He retired in 2013 after serving as the three-star deputy to then-Gen. Jim Mattis at U.S. Central Command, who is now the defense secretary.”

General Mattis reportedly wants Harward to be the pick. Having graduated from Tehran American High School, Harward speaks Farsi. He has a stellar military record and is an AWESOME candidate.

Here are the 5 reasons why Harward is a great pick:

  1. He Was Born Into a Navy Family & Grew Up in Iran.
  2. He Served on the National Security Council in the Bush Administration.
  3. He Served in the U.S. Central Command Under James Mattis.
  4. He Wrote an Op-Ed For The Huffington Post About The Importance of Providing Education to Young Girls.
  5. He Retired in November 2013 & Now Works For Lockheed Martin.

If you think that Trump has picked an amazing person, then help us get the word out! The mainstream media has been TRASHING Trump all day.

H/T Liberty Writers News

The Liberals will be mad as hell after this information, but nobody really cares. Donald Trump and his team will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Let’s give it a shot!