Ex CIA Agent Revealed How Obama Tripwired The White House


Another shocking scandal! The things are getting serious! Obama’s name was mentioned so many times in the ,,plot” controversy against the President.

The liberals wanted to turn the situation in their favor, but after FBI and the White House announced that everything was an inside job from the previous administration, the things turned other way around. Lt. Col. Shaffer has a shocking story to tell:

Any soldier knows what a tripwire is. Nearly immune to detection and almost always deadly, they lie silent until reacting to the presence of the enemy, detonating an explosive.

Now, a retired lieutenant colonel and intelligence expert is arguing that President Donald Trump’s administration has been booby-trapped with “tripwires” by former President Barack Obama.

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Tony Shaffer, a Senior Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research and a veteran exposer of cronyism, corruption and cover-ups at the highest level, says that Obama left loyalists in place, many of them political appointees who became career intelligence officers who are now exploding well-planned political bombs.

Appearing on Fox News Thursday, Shaffer alleged that Obama senior adviser Ben Rhodes “laid tripwires for things to go off like booby traps.” He also charged that the firing of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was planned by the Obama administration.

Prior to Trump’s inauguration, Obama loyalists both in and outside of the White House plotted a disinformation campaign to discredit Flynn, a known opponent of Obama’s Iran nuclear deal, in order to preserve the agreement, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

When Flynn failed to inform the Trump about the possible content of a series of phone calls with Russian officials, it provided all the political explosive needed to oust him.

Shaffer even implicated Obama in the sabotage. Before he even left office, Obama promised to remain very involved in politics, and Shaffer believes that he is not only encouraging anti-Trump protests, but also encouraging efforts to directly undermine Trump’s presidency.

In the most ridiculous example of convoluted logic imaginable, the intelligence community is withholding vital information from the White House because of concerns that the information could be leaked, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Shaffer said CIA Director Mike Pompeo and other Trump appointees are providing the White House with all of the intelligence they have, but that people below them were making their own decisions about what to bring forth and what to withhold.

“That’s why you need to look at a house-cleaning,” Shaffer said.

In a scathing commentary on intelligence professionals now in place, Shaffer said “some of those professional were selected [during the Obama years] because of their political reliability, not because of their professional ethics.”

Tony Shaffer is right. Trump has removed the political appointees, but needs to target mid- and senior-level managers who are politically motivated and not working for the good of our country.

It’s time to clean house.

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To clean the house- that’s the right thing to do. Trump already said that his teams are coming in very soon, and he promised t make a real ,,cleaning” in the security services. That’s necessary because our President could be in a real danger.