Ex-CIA Director Speaks About Jared Kushner’s Case

The liberal media ‘shakes’ the American society with lies. Ex-CIA officer Mike Morel makes the things clear. LBW reported about his awesome interview on CBS. He explains how the liberal media wants to create chaos in our society. This man has a lot of experience and he knows that the sources of the fake news stories are unreliable and the rumor is dangerous.

Even ex-CIA Director, and Hillary Clinton supporter, Mike Morell, thinks the media is reporting false assumptions regarding Jared Kushner’s involvement with Russia, and alleged “back channels.”

He specifically said about recent reports by the Washington Post and the New York times, that “that is not a sourcing chain in which I would put a great deal of confidence.”


Ya’ll, It seems that the media is more interested in getting stories out fast than they are about getting stories out that are factually accurate.

In fact, regarding the alleged “back channels” that the media is all excited about, ex-CIA Director Morell said “that is not a back channel” because the incoming national security advisor was allegedly involved.  He went on, saying “that is a ‘front-channel’-the incoming national security advisor talking with the Russian government.”

Why should that matter?  It matters because the media is doing whatever it can to paint President Trump in the most negative light possible.  Because it wants him gone.

 They are just racing to be the ones who report negativity that brings Trump down, and they don’t care about facts!

Morell even stated that he “spent a career watching the media get a significant portion of intelligence-related stories wrong.”  But under Trump, it appears that the MSM could not care less.

H/T Liberty Writers News

In 2016 we saw who Hillary Clinton really and the Democrats are. We had thousands and thousands of emails against the liberal criminals. We have UNSOLVED MURDERS. We have Seth Rich’ case. But, the media REFUSED to inform about any of this.
The same applies to the ignorant administration and agencies.
On the other hand, SOME UNKNOWN source, from God knows where, ‘leaks’ something to NYP or WaPo and you have ‘thunder’ of media pressure, intense investigations, questionings etc. And everything WITHOUT a single piece of evidence. Everythirumorsd on rummors and some unknown sources, probably from someone’s imagination.

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