EXCLUSIVE: Carly Fiorina Was Noticed Leaving TRUMP TOWER! Donald Trump Chooses Her For This POWERFUL Position…


Donald Trump is working very hard on building his new administration. He made a great choices already for a few crucial positions in the White House. Soon it will be settled which position is Carly Fiorina going to take. Conservative101 has the answer:

During the Republican primary season, Hewlett-Packard executive Carly Fiorina displayed strength, incredible smarts and fearlessness, all traits which Trump clearly admires greatly. Like alphas are apt to do, Donald and Carly butted heads, but Carly came around and endorsed Trump in September.


Fiorina was recently spotted in Trump Tower, where she was reported to have had a private meeting with Trump, discussing the future of our country and her own potential future within Donald Trump’s presidential administration. It looks like Trump finally made his decision, and you’ll surely approve.

According to both the liberal New York Times and conservative New York Post, Fiorina is likely to become Director of National Intelligence. This would be a wise move for Trump, since he needs to have a steady hand atop his intelligence team in these turbulent times.

After her meeting with Trump, Fiorina was effusive in her praise for Trump, telling reporters, “It was such an honor to meet with the president elect.” She added, “The high quality of people that he’s named already says so much about his executive abilities.”

Fiorina is well-prepared for this position, as she previously served as the chair of the CIA’s civilian external advisory board during George W. Bush’s presidency. Do you think that Fiorina would be a good choice to lead Trump’s intelligence team?

Hell yeah! Donald Trump is a professional. He is not a puppet in the hands of some liberal, wealthy rat. Every choice he makes, he bless America with it ! We have to keep mentally and spiritually strong, dodge all the obstacles made by the liberals and make America great again!