Extremely Insulting: Look How This US School Teaches Kids To Disrespect The Flag


The liberal indoctrination reaches a whole new level. After years of turbulent globalist propaganda, some people are completely reckless about the consequences of their actions.

What’s most sickening in the actual liberal propaganda is the target groups for “brainwashing”. Their most popular and active target group is the young folks.

Recently, America witnessed what happened in one school after a rogue teacher decided to expel two students just for wearing MAGA shirts.

In Columbia University, recently there was a vicious and strong anti-Trump propaganda with an advertisement showing President Trump impaled.

And now, another unpleasant surprise from a Chicago teacher. This ultra-liberal teacher brought the liberal indoctrination to a whole new level, to make the youngest students think more “progressive”.

She made her students walk on the American flag. She placed the flag as a doormat and nobody stopped her in the school!

When she was condemned by parents who saw what’s going on and wanted to protect their children from the liberal propaganda, the teacher called this ART.




In the liberal paradise of Chicago, it’s not a surprise that something like this happened. However, this is too much. We have to be aware who teaches our children and the nation deserves to be informed.

You will never see something like this on CNN. That’s why it’s our duty to spread this story and willing to support an initiative to get this teacher fired.

This is very disturbing. Instead of teaching the kids about how great that flag is and how many heroes died fighting under that flag, they teach how to be “progressive” and “arty”- how to HATE that flag.

Someone needs to take responsibility. As soon as possible. Please share this story.