FAITH IN HUMANITY RESTORED! Southwest Airlines Did Something Incredible For This Unlucky Woman


Wow, this is a special report. While the entire world attacks our airline companies, we will show you that they are all wrong. In the report below you will read about COMPASSION, NOBILITY, and LOVE.

We have to stay stronger and help each other when its hardest.  I hope you will be all touched after reading this awesome story:

With our modern world in upheaval and so much negativity all over the news day in and day out, sometimes you just need to hear something good, something positive to renew your hope in the future.

That’s precisely what this story about what Southwest Airlines did for a passenger who a comatose son accomplishes, and why you absolutely need to hear it.

From MyFoxPhilly:

Southwest Airlines is being praised for going above and beyond the call of duty after a woman learned her son was in a coma after an accident.

Peggy Uhle was on a flight from Chicago to Columbus waiting to take off when the plane turned back to the gate and flight attendant asked her to get off.

“I figured I was on the wrong plane. The gate agent told me to check in at the desk and when I did she told me to call my husband,” Uhle told airline blog

After checking in with customer service, Uhle learned her son, who lives in Denver, was in a coma after suffering a head injury. Even before Uhle disembarked, the airline had rebooked her–with no additional fees or service charges –on a non-stop to Denver that was leaving in two hours.

“They offered a private waiting area, rerouted my luggage, allowed me to board first, and packed a lunch for when I got off the plane in Denver,” Uhle told Boarding Area.

“My luggage was delivered to where I was staying, and I even received a call from Southwest asking how my son was doing.”

Uhle said her son is still recovering, but she’s thankful for the service she received calling it “second to none.”

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This is another proof that there are still good people out there. Not every corporation is mean, and on the other hand, it doesn’t even matter when the employees are generous and compassionate people. Share this post- Southwest Airlines deserve admiration for what they did!