‘Fake News’ Alert Confirmed! Russia DID NOT Target State Election Systems!


It’s finally revealed that we’ve been all played by the media with their boring and stubborn Russian narrative. They just don’t quit! Probably, the most idiotic claims by the leftists and the mainstream media they own in their pocket were their fake news stories about alleged RUSSIAN HACKERS hacking the election system. This was the mother of all fake news. It was clearly impossible to hack the system and one true professional, Oklahoma Election Board spokesman Bryan Dean explained very ‘neatly’ how the media tried to play us all once again and bombard the nation with fake news. Read the report below:

A story is being pushed by mainstream media that Russia tried to hack the computer systems of 21 states during the 2016 election. While this is generally true, a couple of key points are being overlooked. First, most of the systems went unbreached, and no information was in danger, but secondly, by pushing the word “election”, they are causing people to think it was election systems that were being targeted, to go along with the narrative that Russia was trying to hack and influence our presidential elections. The truth is the election systems weren’t even what was targeted.ktul.com reports: Oklahoma Election Board spokesman Bryan Dean says U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials notified the state Friday that Oklahoma was one of the targeted states.

Dean says both DHS and state cybersecurity experts say the attempt by Russian actors was a common form of surveillance scan looking for vulnerabilities in the state computer network. He says the hackers were unable to find any vulnerability in the state system and “weren’t able to get any kind of intrusion into anything.”

Dean says the scan-targeted the state’s computer network generally, and not the election board network specifically.


Some people in the media need to take responsibility for their actions. Such blatant stories should not be allowed on air because they’re a clear insult to all Americans who voted for Trump. This is also a disrespect to democracy and the Republic. Please spread the truth about Russia-hackers fake news.