Famous Head Coach Calls The USA an “Embarrassment To The World”


The NFL has been making a splash all around the country for the players’ decision to protest during the national anthem. This has been met with widespread backlash from all around the country. There seems to be an agreement among fans that this kind of behavior cannot and will not be tolerated. Maybe they have the right to do this but that does not mean that they will not have consequences for their actions.

Now the NBA is getting involved. Maybe of the coaches and players came out against President Trump during their media day. They were responding to his comments that called the people who protested during the national anthem “son of a b****.”

People did not like this and resulted in even more people protesting the national anthem in the NFL. San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has gotten in the arguments saying that the United States is an embarrassment to the world.

“Our country is an embarrassment in the world,” the long time NBA coach said. He went on to say that it is not just President Trump that he is worried about, but also the people who support him.

“We know where the power is, we know the racism that exists,” Popovich said. “It’s gone beyond that to the point where I’m more worried and confused by the people around the president.”

“These are intelligent people who know exactly what’s going on,” he continued.

“They wanted change, they felt ignored,” he said, talking about how President Trump took the country by storm during the 2016 election. “They felt something would happen that would aid them, but at what price … One wonders what was in their heads?”

It looks like things are going to get worse instead of better. If the NBA is going to get involved in all of these protests then we might be in for this much longer than we have originally thought. We need to start seeing some change for the better.

These protests are totally pointless and are going to change how this country operates by zero.

What do you think about his comments?