Fans Started Burning NFL Season Tickets


The frustration is reaching the highest level. NFL did something terrible to so many loyal fans who spent years and years watching the traditional American sport.

The fans screamed for justice, nobody heard them. The liberal elites continued their barbarian and unlawful rant against the national symbols of the USA. Full of hatred, full of negativity, the rogue liberal players made millions of fans to boycott the league.

Mainstream media news outlets ignored the most important part of the story- what the NFL rulebook says. It’s clear, disrespecting of the national anthem and flag is punishable with discipline measures.

However, nobody wanted to talk about that. All we hear since Trump entered the Oval Office is EXPRESSION. That’s everything leftists know. Even when Kathy Griffin showed the “decapitated head” of President Trump, even then, it was just the freedom of expression.

Now, the fans are booing, the stadiums are almost empty, and of course, hundreds of thousands are canceling their NFL TV packages. But the most hardcore fans started burning their jerseys and even TICKETS. Season tickets! In the video below you will see how enraged the fans are.


DO YOU CARE? Do you really care, or you are ignorant, just like the leftists want you to be?

We really need to wake up. The globalists show how panicked they are when they use their pathetic celebrities to run anti-American propaganda in such a disrespectful way.

No more lies and manipulation.  This man burned something he really loved to show how insulted he is. I guess you can understand his pain and frustration.

Millions of others also invested in this league during the years. If not for the fans, at least the fallen sons of our motherland deserve respect. Don’t you agree?