Fed Up British Journalist Talks About The Terrorist Attacks In Europe

The situation in the Europe is getting worse and worse by the day. It’s not getting any better. What’s was the most dramatic after the devastating Manchester attack was how the liberal politicians reacted. They were all like: ‘It’s just another regular day…’

NO! Killing Christians can not be just a regular thing. In the report below you will see how sick the liberal European politicians are and how one brave mother fights for justice:

If you don’t know who Katie Hopkins is then you need to check her out ASAP.

She’s arguably the leading voice against the insane immigration policies that have devastated Europe over the last few years.

The mayor of Manchester said that the city will be getting back to business as usual after the attack.

Hopkins didn’t like that very much.


From BizPac Review:

I want to scream at him. Business as usual?” Hopkins wrote in an op-ed for the Daily Mail.

Tell that to the mother of 16-year-old Georgina Callander. Someone slaughtered her most special thing, the tiny baby she carried, birthed, equipped with all the things she could protect her from the world with, smiling at her loveliness as she became a young woman.

And you say it is business as usual? The dead never get to carry on as normal.

Hopkins called the talk after attacks “the new Lord’s Prayer of a terrorized generation.”

“We stand united. We are not broken. We are strong,” she wrote, mocking what the politicians usually say following these type of attacks. “Repeated like a mantra.”


Hopkins smashed “impotent politicians” who highlight the acts of kindness average citizens, like a homeless man who ran to rescue the dying children.

“The people helping are reacting instinctively. Battling against blood and death,” she said.

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Europe has turned into a dark place. The liberal elites completely destroyed the dignity of the European nations. Now we have to make everything in our power not to let the globalists do the same in our country. Share this post if you agree with this woman!