Federal Agent Connected to Hillary Just Found Dead In a River


Corpses keep on showing up whenever someone gets very close to Hillary’s dirty secrets. Namely, now a different State employee called Kurt Smolek has been found dead, and his potential connection to PizzaGate and Hillary’s child traffic ring is beginning to be suspicious.

Until 2015, Smolek had been employed by the Hillary Clinton State Dept in Cambodia in the role of an OSAC Diplomatic Security Agent.

Cambodia is a place that is well-known for their human trafficking, child sex trafficking, and sex tourism of minors. The country where Smolek was positioned was a famous place of this sort of illegalities, and it’s probable that he had been close to some secret information on Hillary Clinton.

Even though it can’t be with certainty when we say Smolek had something on Hillary Clinton, one investigator named George Webb is slowly but surely making the connection as he follows for clues in Washington D.C. where Smolek’s body was taken out from the river. His website Webb noted:

“Yet another State employee is found mysteriously dead, his body pulled from the Potomac after being reported missing. This is related to PizzaGate as possible ties to the child trafficking and the criminals behind the numerous email and fraud related ‘mysterious deaths’. There are clear links to overseas child trafficking hotspots, recent mysterious deaths related to the DNC / Clinton / email scandals, links to Clinton’s state dept.”

Whisenant was an attorney who was probing Shultz and the DNC’s voter fraud in Texas, and was scheduled to testify regarding his knowledge of the situation.

However, prior to Whisenant getting the chance to disclose potential proof that could demolish the whole DNC, his dead body surfaced on a beach in Broward County, the exact same country where Kurt Smolek resided.

Exactly as Shaun Lucas and Seth Rich who passed away under mysterious circumstances following almost getting to the bottom of Hillary and the DNC’s nasty secrets, Whisenant’s life has just come to a suspicious end.

His dead body was just spotted on a beach in Hollywood, Florida, and detectives have no elaboration whatsoever for how he died from trauma to the head.

What are your thoughts on this? Who you think is behind all of this?