FINALLY! Ted Cruz OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCES If He’ll Accept Supreme Court Appointment


Senator Ted Cruz is going to be the new member of the American Supreme Court. This is a big news for him and it seems that much is going on with him. He most certainly is a ,,big player”. Ted Cruz at his own wish accepted this position and it is glad to help America that way. In one conference where the subjects are debates between liberals and conservatives he made this statement:

“What I will say is that history is long and can take unexpected paths,” he said  “I think it is absolutely vital that that seat and every other seat that comes vacant on the court be filled by principled constitutionalists who will be faithful to the law and will check their own policy preferences at the door and simply honor their oath.”

“I can also tell you that I have right now the privilege of serving in the United States Senate, of representing 27 million Texans,” he said. “That is a privilege and a responsibility I take very, very seriously. And I look forward to continuing to carry out that responsibility and continuing to fight for the principles of freedom and the principles embodied in the Constitution and Bill of Rights,” he added.Don’t bicker agency to agency, office to office, official to official,” he also said. “Instead, if we are to succeed in turning the leviathan, we can’t succumb to those impulses.”

This guy, Ted Cruz and the names of 21 other judges are the most valuable and possible candidates to take place in the supreme court. Donald Trump is going to make the decision. After the hard campaign, still, conservative like him will work perfectly in the White House staff. What do you think?


H/T TheFederalistPaper