Firefighters Refuse To Stay Silent, Put It All On The Line For Trump


The strongest pillars of one country are always the ones that are being hit first, easiest to fall. Always on the front line, always ready, dedicated completely to the job and the people in need- those are the firefighters. People with honor, people with pride and respect. When it comes to USA safety and reputation they are always here to hold them. While someone attacks the police and burn the flag of our fathers, look how they reacted when the new leader of the nation was elected.

Throughout his campaign, President-elect Donald Trump earned a reputation as the “law and order candidate.” With promises to protect those who work each day to keep our country safe, it’s no wonder that he won the support of police officers and firefighters by a landslide.

This was on full display yesterday morning,reports American News, as Trump was preparing to leave New York’s La Guardia airport to head to Washington D.C. for meetings with President Barack Obama and congressional leaders in the White House. According to reports, as Trump’s plane taxied toward the runway, it traveled underneath an arch of cascading water shot into the air by a pair of Port Authority fire trucks. Other firefighters were spotted waving at the plane as it passed.

The tradition of a water cannon salute is typically reserved for ceremonial purposes. Historically, it has been used at airports to mark important occasions like the retirement of senior pilots and air traffic controllers. It is an immense display of respect.Vice President-elect Mike Pence received a similar salute on his own plane, which followed Trump’s to D.C.

It is lovely to see how the strongest and proudest men salute the victor! Heroes salute the Hero… This is how one healthy and strong nation functions, God bless America! COMMENT AND SHARE ! STOP BEING IGNORANT, SPREAD THE TRUTH, BE A PATRIOT !