Trump Made a HUGE WARNING To Those Who Burn The American Flag – PATRIOTS ARE CHEERING


We mentioned so many times what do we think about burning the national flag. On our website many of you, dear patriots, unleashed anger and disappointment on this act of violence. That is an act of disrespect and hate against the country and the nation. This became a liberal protesters habit and the mainstream media is blind and def. Finally, the keeper of our faith and hope, the father of the nation Donald Trump stepped up to defend the honor of the flag of our ancestors!Now we serve you with your warning, liberals! Read his tweet:


“Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag — if they do, there must be consequences — perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!” he wrote.

Now, look what the mainstream media has to say:

“Trump’s flag-burning tweet is a frightening moment not because his proposal stands any chance of enactment, but because it reflects one of the one of the few signs that his dangerous and authoritarian politics is calculated, and not merely crazy,” wrote one apparently nervous New York magazine contributor.

How could they call themselves american? This sick people show once again how corrupted and evil they are. And we will say again- PURE HYPOCRISY! Why? Because this Hilary fans and supporters forgot what was she standing behind in 2005. THIS IS THE TRUTH HOW CORRUPTED THEY ARE :

“Any person who shall intentionally threaten or intimidate any person or group of persons by burning, or causing to be burned, a flag of the United States shall be fined not more than $100,000, imprisoned for not more than 1 year, or both,” the bill read.-Bill by Hilary Clinton

H/T ConservativeTribune

Wow! And we even let this person be a president nominee. Shame on Democrats! Shame on liberals! Now they burn our national flag and nobody takes action! We hope Donald Trump will get rid of this ,,bacteria” in our country!