FLASHBACK: In 1993, Harry Reid Predicted Everything, He Gave Libs Best Advice


One of the most popular Democrats of all time, Harry Reid, gave this nation the best possible advice back at the time. What’s even more interesting, Reid exposed the hypocrisy of his own party and how the people in the DNC play with the destiny of our country, all in order to accomplish the tasks given by their master globalists and, of course, achieve personal gain.

President Donald Trump has taken so much heat from liberals and the media for simply demanding that U.S. immigration laws be enforced.

But, the Democrats seem to forget that there was a time that they, too, demanded the same kind of respect for the law!

Back in 1993, then Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nevada) said “no sane country” would ever reward illegal immigrants with citizenship or amnesty. And then, Reid went on to slam the process of anchor babies, where illegal immigrants’ children that are born in the U.S. are given automatic citizenship.

Take a look at this:

You can watch the whole speech here:

H/T AmericanLookout

Obviously, WE’RE NOT SANE COUNTRY, or some individuals are looney beans, drowning in their ego, destroying the future of this country.

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