FLASHBACK! Look What Nancy Pelosi Said About Comey Few Months Ago – ‘HE’S NOT IN…


Right before the election on November 8, 2016, often crazy Nancy Pelosi said that James Comey was not in the right job…

Breitbart reported:

Pelosi said she thinks Comey “made a mistake on this, and he clearly has a double standard when it comes to Donald Trump, and oh are they — keep him out of it. Just, when it came to the hacking by the Russians, that the highest confidence of our intelligence community says the Russians did this.

I know it privately, because of being hacked by the Russians, and he says, well, it’s too close to the election to talk about that, and yet it’s not too close to the election to talk about the emails that he says may not be significant. So, I think he made a mistake, and these jobs, if you’re not in it for a while, you can’t take the heat, and I think he just couldn’t take the heat from the Republicans. It’s really unfortunate, because I do believe he is a good person. Maybe he’s not in the right job.”

Of course, now Nancy Pelosi thinks it was terrible to fire James Comey and thinks it is the end of the world…