FLASHBACK: Trump Gives EPIC Post-9/11 Interview To 1 Reporter


It’s hard to believe that 9/11 was almost 15 years ago. It’s even harder to believe that, in that time, we’ve not only forgotten the threat to our freedom and democracy, but ignored it to the point where it has become worse.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump hasn’t forgotten, which is why decided to run for thepresidency of the United States. Just after that fateful day 15 years ago, though, he gave an epic interview to a reporter who asked him about the attacks.

“I have a lot of property down there but it wasn’t fortunately affected by what happened at the World Trade Center,” Trump said in the interview.

“I just went to what they call ground zero,” he said as he was standing a few blocks away from the epicenter of the terrorist attack. “I’ve never seen anything like it. The devastation. The human life that’s just been wasted for no reason whatsoever. It is a terrible scene. It’s a terrible sight. But New Yorkers are very resilient and they’ll rebuild quickly.”

He was then asked how the United State should respond.

“Well, I think they have to respond quickly and effectively,” Trump said. “They have to find out exactly what the cause was, who did it, and they have to go after these people because there is no other choice. And then — secondarily and much less importantly — we have to rebuild in some form that will be just as majestic as theWorld Trade Center.”

Here’s the interview (partially in German):

We once responded quickly and effectively. That’s been largely undone by President Barack Obama and his liberal policies.

Now, we have a chance to change that. If we don’t, all that we learned on that fateful day a decade-and-a-half ago could be lost forever.

H/T The Daily Caller

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