Florida Sheriffs Office Not Backing Down to NFL, Miami Dolphins Hit Hard With Brutal Karma


The NFL thriller continues. Now, we are shocked by Miami Dolphins. The players of this team also decided to ‘rebel’ against the core of our identity as a nation and infuriated millions of patriots, even some of their own hardcore supporters. Either way, they did nothing, but symptomatically provoked so many negative reactions. Florida Sheriffs brought them awful news and every real patriot will admire what Florida cops just announced.

The Police Union have made announcements that they won’t be escorting the Miami Dolphins to their games anymore. If the team begins to follow through with respecting our country they may change their tune. This means that they will be required to stand for the National Anthem and show America the respect it deserves or the Sheriffs office won’t be protecting them. In addition, the local Broward County police union made their own statement explaining that they won’t be helping with escorting the team either.   

The Miami Dolphins along with the NFL in general have explained that their employees can do whatever they please during the National Anthem… not a wise time to push the boundaries. Do these idiots not realize that the police can exercise their own rights to not defend them if they don’t play by the rules? The police have every right to put stipulations on who they go out of their way to protect and who they don’t. That’s what freedom means.

The Undefeated reported:

Millions of people tune in on any Sunday, Thursday or Monday during NFL season to watch a game. In 2014, about 205 million viewers watched part or all of an NFL game.

According to a recent internal memo from the NFL, the numbers have dropped. The memo addressed the league’s concern about declining viewership, stating that as of Week 4, ratings were down by 11 percent.

While the NFL attributes the decline in ratings to the presidential race, a study conducted by Rasmussen Reports shows otherwise. Approximately 1,000 American adults participated in a telephone questionnaire on Oct. 2-3 that revealed nearly one-third (32 percent) are “less likely to watch an NFL game” due to players taking a stand and protesting the national anthem. Thirteen percent want to watch a game because of the protests. Fifty-two percent do not base their viewing choice on the protests at all. But the league executives disagree.

“There is no evidence that concern over player protests during the national anthem is having any material impact on our ratings. In fact, our own data shows that perception of the NFL and its players is actually up in 2016,” the executives wrote in the memo.

So let’s break down some numbers. Over the last 15 years, the memo stated, that NFL viewership overall has increased 27 percent, although total prime-time viewership declined by 36 percent.

At issue: The survey was conducted using a small sample size (as most studies are) of 1,000 people. So those 1,000 are used to measure the thought process of more than 200 million NFL viewers.

According to Rasmussen Reports in a survey four years ago, football was Americans’ favorite sport. The current study reveals that blacks and whites have different opinions. Twenty-eight percent of blacks say they are more likely to tune into an NFL game because of the protests, compared with 8 percent of whites and 16 percent of other minority Americans. It also reveals that 59 percent of black voters view the Black Lives Matter movement favorably, while 31 percent of whites and 49 percent of other minority voters disagree.

Further results directly from the study reveal the following:

Blacks strongly believe they are treated unfairly by the police, but most overall voters think crime in inner cities is a bigger problem than police discrimination against minorities.
Twenty-nine percent of men say they are less likely to watch an NFL game because of the growing protests, while 18 percent say they’re more likely to watch. Among women, 35 percent say they are less likely to watch, and only 8 percent are more likely to tune in.
Those younger than age 40 are more likely to watch NFL games because of the protests than their elders are. But just over half of adults in all age groups say the growing protests have no impact on their viewing decisions.

It’s important for the millionaires involved with the NFL to realize that if they dishonor America then we will not support them, and neither will our police departments. Without our great nation they would have had no chance at scoring the lifestyles that they are so blessed to be living. It’s great to see Americans defending our country and telling these spoiled athletes just where they can shove it if they don’t like being an American. So, they can either get off their lazy ungrateful rears and stand for the National Anthem with their hands over their hearts or they can face the consequences of becoming hated by Americans.

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Do you support Florida Sheriffs? Do you think they made the right decision? Well, it was about time for someone to teach those anti-American puppets a lesson.