What Ford Is Doing For BLM Will Make You Never Want To Buy Their Cars Again


According to reports, more than 50 organizations have registered their support behind the Black Lives Matter movement. One, in particular, is catching the attention of the public.

Reports from Fortune Magazine indicate that the Ford Foundation intends to give millions of dollars to the movement.

“That’s why now is the time to stand by and amplify movements rooted in love, compassion, and dignity for all people,” the Ford Foundation said in an official statement. “Now is the time to call for an end to state violence directed at communities of color.

“And now is the time to advocate for investment in public services—including but not limited to police reform—together with education, health, and employment in communities and for people that have historically had less opportunity and access to all those things.”

Borealis Philanthropy has also gone public with intentions to “bring $100 million in new resources to the Movement for Black Lives.”

What do you think of Ford’s contributions?