Former Democratic President’s Sexual Assault Victims Went Public AGAIN – Liberals Are STUNNED

According to me, the biggest criminals in the modern american history are the Clintons. This family is more like a clan. They work for the sick evil Illuminati order and the NWO. Their connection to Rhotschild, Rockfeller and Soros goes way back in the 60s and 70s. Hilary was their favorite choice and they thought that she is going to make an awesome puppet in the White House, even better than Obama. But anyway, this is not a topic of this article, just a reminder with one simple example of the cruelty and corruption of these people. Bill Clinton as a president used to make awful bloodshed in Serbia supporting islamist terrorist, just as Hillary continued the mission, but he was WAY more scandalous than her with his sexual assault controversy. Now, you can read the report below and see who is a sexual predator! Read the confession of a sexual victim- Clinton really has to pay for this one:

The crazy liberals are at it again. As you may have read, on the day after Trump’s inauguration, liberals are planning a Woman’s March against the new president. The purpose of this march is to imply that president-elect Trump is a sexist. However Bill Clinton’s sexual assault survivors see the matter in a very different way.


In fact, in an interview with Breitbart, Juanita Broaddrick stated, “I am a survivor of sexual assault. I am one of the people you are supposedly marching for. I was raped by Bill Clinton. Did you hear me? I am one of many that Bill Clinton assaulted. Where were you ladies when I was hurting and scared? This past year, I once again told about my horrific encounter with Bill Clinton.”

Broaddrick continued, “Where were you? You were silent because of your support for Hillary Clinton. Shame on you; all of you. I can finally move forward because your candidate, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton, my abuser, no longer matter.”

Kathleen Willey was angry at these protestors as well. “Donald Trump has ‘demonized’ victims of sexual assault? How so? Exactly what do they call what Bill and Hillary did to us? They are the king and queen of demonization and defamation. Where were they when we needed them? I’ll be sure to look for them at the inauguration. I’m looking forward to looking them in the eye.”

Paula Jones commented too. “Where were they when we were out there telling our stories again about the Clintons, and how Hillary enabled him to do what he did, and then she covered it up and smeared us. What about us? We are women and nobody came to our defense, especially from Hollywood.”

H/T Conservative101

Paula Jones made an excellent point here! Where are the liberal hypocrites now, where is Rosie O’Donnel and the other crazy puppets from Hollywood to defend women rights? Oups! I forgot- they do not give a single damn about anyone else, they are cruel and selfish- they do as they are told. Their commanders put them in the place they are and they have to listen and obey. BILL CLINTON- YOU AND YOUR WIFEY ARE THE WORST PEOPLE ON AMERICAN SOIL!