Former Miss Wisconsin Shuts Down CNN With Incredible Story Of How Trump Saved Her Life [Video]


Hillary Clinton has continuously tried to paint Donald Trump as an angry woman-hater. She is even using, the former Miss Universe Alicia Machado to try and slander Trump. However, other beauty pageant contestants had a much much different view of Trump.

According to the Former Miss Wisconsin, Donald Trump saved her life. She describes a time when she was in the hospital on her deathbed fighting for her life, when Donald Trump sent her a letter. “To the bravest woman I know,” Trump in the letter.

She says that Trump continuously checked up on her, and was very kind to her. He helped inspire her to fight through her illness. She also mentioned that this was all before Trump ran for president, she has a Mexican American son who he has been really kind to, and he never brags about any of this. Throughout the whole video, you could see the CNN moderators dreams being shattered because her ‘Trump is evil’ narrative was being destroyed. Check out the video below.