FOX WITH ANOTHER MISTAKE! Look What Fox News Did To Jeannie Pirro!


Oh My GOD! This is so unexpected! This is truly terrible! After Bill O’Reilly, Jeannie Pirro is facing huge difficulties! Her show is going to be canceled: ‘We The Jury” may become history. This news ‘exploded’ and shocked the fans. Read more below:

The Independent Journal Review reported that when viewers tried to tune in to the third episode of the show on Friday night, they instead found a rerun of “Lethal Weapon.”

The controversial courtroom reality television show premiered on April 7, and episode one included audience members voting via text message on whether or not a man was guilty of killing missing Maryland woman Robyn Gardner.


Only 1.5 million viewers tuned in to watch the premiere episode, and that number dropped to 1.2 the following week. Fox had been advertising episode three of “You The Jury,” which featured the story of Memories, a pizzeria in Indiana that refused to cater for a same sex wedding.

When reached for comment, Alexandra Gillespie, director of communications at Fox, said the television series has been “replaced” in the schedule.

“’You the Jury’ has been replaced with encores of ‘Lethal Weapon,’” she said.

H/T Truth Monitor

Let’s pray for Judge Jeanine and let’s hope for the best for this brilliant woman. They CAN NOT ‘ERASE’ EVERYBODY THAT SPEAKS THE TRUTH! I hope we all support Judge Jeannine. Share this post if you want her show back!