Fox News’ Bret Baier just shared important information about his son – Thank you Lord


Bret Baier, a host at Fox News, had some important news to share this Friday while informing about the final result of an action executed by Paul, the son of his, who suffers from multiple congenital heart defects.

Thank you all of the thoughts & prayers. Paul’s procedure went great! Now he’s on the mend thanks to the Docs & nurses at @childrensnational, – posted Baier on his Facebook page, and on several other social media.

Paul is heading in soon, – he wrote before the surgery. – This is his 9th angioplasty plus 3 open (heart) surgeries & a stomach surgery — Paul’s 9 1/2 yrs old. He’s a total trooper & in great spirits w/ his fidget spinner.

Paul has been struggling from the very beginning

A doctor told us Paul’s heart was extremely complex. Blood was flowing the wrong way, there were two holes in Paul’s walnut-sized heart, and he had three other congenital defects. If Paul didn’t have complex surgery to restructure his heart, he wouldn’t make it, – said Amy Baier for NBC’s Today back in 2014.

I’ll be honest with you: It’s daunting, and nothing like you’ve ever experienced as a parent, having to explain to your son why this is happening and assuring him that it’s going to be OK, – explained Baier, recalling that on one occasion, he was holding his son, as Paul was being prepped for surgery.

So he was in my arms as they were putting the anesthesia over his mouth, and that’s pretty tough. I’m really not sure how to prepare when it comes, – said Baier.

Baier sincerely said he is thankful that the operations have let Paul live almost normal life.

If you looked at the playground, you would never be able to point at him as the kid who has had … open-heart surgeries and … angioplasties, – stated Baier.

For parents of healthy kids, every day is such a blessing. Sometimes when the kid throws the cereal on the wall or is being a real stinker, the experience we went through gives us a whole new perspective on how precious moments are. Taking the small things, the little laughter every day, right now kind of gets us through to the next stop, – he continued.

Baier also explained how his son’s life gives him meaning while dealing with the daily news.

This whole thing has also given me perspective about my job, going through policy and politics in Washington, D.C., to see the bigger picture. It does give me perspective on what’s more important, – he summed up.

One in 120 infants gets affected by Congenital heart disease, even though usually, the problems are not as critical as Paul Baier’s condition.

H/T Clear Politics