Franklin Graham Makes BIG ANNOUNCEMENT About His Father Billy, Calls for PRAYER


On Monday, the well-known evangelist Billy Graham turned 98. According to his son he was “doing well” and he might even live to be 100.

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“Happy Birthday to my father Billy Graham—he’s 98 today! He told us three years ago that he might live to be 100—I hope he does! He once said, ‘God isn’t finished with you when you retire! We never retire from His service,’” Franklin Graham posted on Facebook Sunday.

“I know that he appreciates your prayers,” he added.

“For well over 70 years he faithfully preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If there’s one message he would want you to hear today, it is that God loves you and wants you to be saved,” Graham posted.

Last week, Graham said his father had one special thing he wanted for his birthday.

“He likes these cheap birthday cakes that have that lard icing on them,” Franklin Graham said. “I’m going to go get him one of those cheap birthday cakes from the local grocery store, and we’ll celebrate his birthday.”

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, which maintains Bill Graham’s Facebook page, had this message for those visiting the page on the evangelist’s birthday.

“‘Don’t waste your life, and don’t be satisfied with anything less than God’s plan.’ Today, Billy Graham turns 98,” the page posted.

Graham has asked those who want to honor his father — and all Americans — to join him Monday night for something more than just a birthday party.

“The evening of November 7, on my father Billy Graham’s 98th birthday and just before Election Day, will you join me and others across the country in praying? I will be LIVE right here on Facebook at 9:00 PM ET, so don’t miss it. Let’s bow together and again ask for God’s help. We need Him. Will you be there?” he posted.

Many left messages on Franklin Graham’s Facebook page in honor of his father’s birthday.

“Happy 98th Birthday, Reverend Graham. You are a man of God who never deterred from the call God put upon your life (to share the message that salvation is found in no one except Jesus Christ and that we must be born again), and you always conducted yourself as a truly Godly man. Praying your day will be richly blessed,” posted Pat Benjamin.

“Happy Birthday Rev. Graham. I have family in Heaven because they accepted Jesus as their Savior through your Crusades in the late 1960’s. May your reward be great here on earth and in Heaven!” posted Ann Hutchins Hunter.

“Have a very Happy Birthday Mr. Graham. You have been, are, and will be a tremendous influence in my life and the lives of so many millions of others. Thank you for continuing your Christian influence and your strong faith,” posted Frances King.

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