Franklin Graham Told Something Terrific About Obama


Franklin Graham posted something incredible on his facebook account. Obama will hate what he just said. But, it doesn’t matter. Obama lost his power completely, but he still wants to be an influential person in the ‘world of politics’. People like Graham are there to remind him how wrong he is:

Guess there are perks to being a former US President. Even after your term is over, you still yield political influence. And Barack Obama is out to use his, reports Franklin Graham. 

In a latest Facebook post, Graham (who has been no fan of the former president) accuses Obama of interfering in an election and equally condemn Democrats for their gross hypocrisy.


H/T Faith Family America

Obama, according to me, has a lot of jobs to finish here in the USA. His dirty work is getting exposed by the day and the things are not doing well for him. Obama-your time is over- get over it!