George Bush Breaks Silence And Gives Negative Comments About The Mainstream Media


George Bush maybe isn’t our favorite President, but this man knows how to protect the national interests. In the report below you will see how George Bush smashed the liberal loudmouth Matt Lauer. It’s a real pleasure to know that our former president has no doubt when he needs to pick a side.

Once a U.S. president finishes his time in office, it’s expected for him to step out of the public light. George W Bush has lived up to that.


It’s rare do we see them continue in politics, seeking another office. But often, as in the case of George H. W. Bush, they will support charitable organizations to make the nation a better place.

Occasionally they will come back for an interview or book release, something that offers them a chance to comment on the direction of our country. Many Americans look to our former presidents as saintly advisors, whose experience and insight can still encourage, direct, and inspire Americans.

You’ll notice how radically different Bill Clinton’s career has gone since his disgraceful time in office. Instead of retreating to private life, he has led a global money-laundering scheme—I mean charity called the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative.

The former president that has been a model of his methods and behavior has been George W. Bush. Bush has stayed out of the limelight, mostly to avoid harming the Republican Party. A very smart move.

You will probably have already heard about his recent remarks that the MSM have tried to frame to insult Donald Trump. Yet what most outlets won’t tell you is how Bush simply destroyed the media with just a few simple remarks.

From Conservative Tribune:

Former President George W. Bush put NBC’s Matt Lauer in his place.

The former president responded by saying the media haven’t exactly made President Trump’s job all that easy.

“When I was president, you (the major networks) mattered a lot more,” Bush told Lauer with a smile on his face. “Because there were, like, three of you. And now there are all kinds of information being bombarded out. People can say things anonymously, and it’s just a different world.”

Bush dispatched Lauer easily. One can say Bush’s entire administration was undermined and demolished thanks to the unrelenting assault by the mainstream media. They worked overtime to discredit Bush’s work to fight terrorism and made the War in Iraq to look like a disaster.

That was the most crucial factor that led to the election of overly radical leftist Obama.

Yet the media did their best to do the same thing to Trump, and lost spectacularly. You can argue that the media worked even harder to destroy Trump, with wild accusations, smear campaigns, and attacks on his family and character. But they didn’t work.

H/T World News Politics

The mainstream media kneels before the anti-media and they’ve never been defeated this hard. Those spinners have to remember one thing: ‘we don’t buy what they sell’- the liberal elite is weaker than ever and can not compromise the President at all.