BREAKING: George Soros To Be Declared as a Terrorist


A White House petition has been issued which is calling on President Donald Trump to officially declare leftist billionaire George Soros a terrorist and take the assets of organizations connected to him.

The petition needs 100,000 signatures by Sept. 19 to gather a White House answer, and as of Thursday afternoon, it has nearly 60,000 signatures.

“Whereas George Soros has willfully and on an ongoing basis attempted to destabilize and otherwise commit acts of sedition against the United States and its citizens …

vThe US Federal government, the DOJ should immediately declare George Soros and all of his organizations and staff members to be domestic terrorists, and have all of his personal an organizational wealth and assets seized under Civil Asset Forfeiture law,” the petition posted by E.B. reads.

The billionaire has helped organize disagreement against the president.

Different petition seeking from Trump to declare the antifa movement as a terrorist group and it lately reached the 100,000-signature verge after which the White House must respond.

The White House has yet to respond to that petition.

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