Georgia Gym Owner Banns Police from Entering, So The Cops Gave Him a NASTY Surprise


One brave local cop did something really amazing. After the liberal leftists decide to provoke the nation with their anti-American and anti-Police propaganda, some of us decided to strike back even if it’s too risky.

One gym owner tried to show how “powerful and independent” he is by disrespecting our country. The cop who confronted him made him an interesting offer. Read more below:

The owner of a gym in Georgia recently made waves when a photo of the location’s “anti police” policy went viral.

Now, a cop has decided to settle the issue with his fists.

More accurately, Tommy Lefever wants to meet the anti-cop gym owner in a boxing ring, in order to work through their differences while throwing a few jabs and letting the man explain his stance face to face.

“He seems like he might enjoy getting the opportunity to punch a cop in the face and I’d be happy to oblige him and give him that opportunity,”  Lefever told WXIA in Atlanta.

The officer’s public Twitter profile indicated that Lefever is a patrol officer, a SWAT Hostage Negotiator, and amateur boxer.

The controversy started when EAV Barbell Club in Atlanta posted a vulgar and blunt sign banning law enforcement officers from being members of his gym.“No f—ing cops,” declared the hand-written sign. It was also revealed that owner Jim Chambers won’t allow military service members to enter his gym, either.§ion=home

“My belief is that the American state, the American empire is the most destructive and sadistic force the world has ever seen,” the military-bashing business owner told WGCL in Atlanta.

“What our army does is evil, so I don’t want to make somebody stronger so they can go kill Yeminis and North Koreans.”

Apparently allowing rogue states to threaten entire regions with terrorism or nuclear missiles is fine, but letting America’s police officers and soldiers stay in shape is where he draws the line.

Like countless other men and women in uniform, Lefever may want to put his fist into the the arrogant man’s face to teach him a lesson. However, the cop took a more philosophical stance publicly.

“I found, you sweat, you bleed with somebody, you exchange punches with somebody in a sport like boxing, it’s hard not to respect the guy for getting in there with you afterwards,” he explained.

“Gaining mutual respect for one another in the boxing ring might be the start of something that can help overcome differences in world view, ideology, what have you.”

To virtually no one’s surprise, the controversial gym owner scoffed at the offer to duke out their differences in the ring.

“I’ve never trained in or studied boxing. It would be like me challenging him to a game of ice hockey. I don’t fraternize with cops, period,” Chamber responded. So, maybe it’s a question of principle. Or maybe Officer Lefever just put the fear of God into him. (Anyone out there want to guess which?)

Regardless, freedom of speech may protect the hateful gym owner’s right to put an anti-police sign on his door, but it doesn’t protect him from having to face the fallout.

Contrary to Chamber’s narrative, the vast majority of military and police members are among the best individuals our country has.

Increasingly, a uniform puts a target on a person’s back. Whether protecting a neighborhood or the nation, cops and soldiers face incredible danger and hostility while doing an extremely difficult job.

The truth is that people like Jim Chambers wouldn’t last a day behind a badge or a U.S. military insignia.

He probably wouldn’t last one round in the ring with a cop, either — too bad it looks like we won’t find out.

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This guy is a real ‘hero’, the gym owner. Yeah, right… You can be sure that he is not going to fight the cop. What do you think, why?

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