The Gloves Are Off! Donald Jr Just Wrecked Hillary With Only One Tweet


Donald Trump Jr. mocked Hillary Clinton over her huge hypocrisy. The last couple of days are a true nightmare for all Democrats because their true face of hypocrisy was exposed after it was revealed that they have hundreds of thousands of donations from Harvey Weinstein. They are silent like never before.

President Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. has just taken into Twitter to slam former Secretary of State and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, for not speaking out against Harvey Wenstein and keeping an overall low profile. Clinton has been silent ever since the allegations of sexual harassment broke out not long ago.

As most of us are aware by now, a report was published this Thursday which alleged that Weinstein had sexually harassed female employees as well as actresses over the last three decades. And despite denying some of the accusations, the TV star did acknowledge some part of wrongdoing, and is now on an indefinite absence period from his film company.

Many of his Democratic supporters have donated his funds and money contributions and have taken a harsh stand against him.


But the whole situation took an interesting turn when the people turned their attention on Hillary Clinton, especially Trump Jr, who publicly called out in a tweet for being so quiet now and having nothing to say, adding, even more, fire to the fuel. The president’s son even ‘liked’ a Twitter post from actor and comedian Rob Schneider who wrote:


And now that Clinton hasn’t replied, Trump has also targeted the famous anti-Trump late night host Jimmy Kimmel, writing, “Can’t wait to hear @jimmykimmel’s monologue on this tonight.”

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Nobody deserves to be punished for this, but the American nation will punish the silence of all Democrats who decided not to say a single word against a sexual harasser. If this was about some Republican, they would’ve made a real drama out of it. Do you think Hillary is intentionally hiding?