GOP Abandons Trump Over Protest Remarks, Then Huckabee Hammers Them With 1 Simple Question


Mike Huckabee is on fire, and the media can’t stand this old fox telling the leftists what’s wrong or right. He made an honest explanation about what happened in Charlottesville. He made a nice comparison between Barack Obama and Donald Trump and he explained that, actually, Trump did the right thing.

The mainstream media is not stopping with their sick accusations against Trump, they already called him names and gave him title, but to call this man a racist- that’s sick. Mike Huckabee taught them a lesson.

Mike Huckabee appeared on Judge Jeanine’s show on Saturday night talking about the violence in Charlottesville.


He defended President Donald Trump who had been attacked by media, some GOP and Democrats for his comments about the events.

Trump spoke immediately after news broke about the car ramming before the suspect was identified and before facts were fully known.

He condemned the violence ‘on all sides’ that had been going on in Charlottesville but did not specifically mention the white nationalists. So media and Democrats attacked him, claiming his statement condemning all hate and violence without reservation was somehow supportive weak or supportive of white supremacists.

Huckabee blasted those criticisms.


From Mediaite:

Pirro asked Huckabee if the outrage over the president’s remarks are just “Trump haters” who ” will look for any reason to dump on” him.

“Well it seems like a lot of them are, I don’t know what they expect the president to do,” Huckabee responded. “At the time that he made the comment, the driver of the car had not even been identified.”

“That’s exactly right!” Pirro exclaimed.


“And so what is he supposed to say?” Huckabee continued. “Is he supposed to do what Barack Obama used to do and jump to conclusion and make a decision like he did in Ferguson. Missouri, which turned out to be totally untrue? The president has to be careful in taking steps. I thought what he condemned was what we all could immediately condemn and that was the violence, the car some coward in a car drove into innocent people to try and kill them. And he condemned that! What else is he supposed to do at that point?”

Not to mention that he said ‘on all sides’ because there wasn’t just white nationalist violence, there was also violence from Antifa and Black Lives Matter people who were there.


Mainstream media largely left out the Antifa violence, calling protesters just ‘anti-racists’ or ‘counter-protesters.’

Huckabee nails it.

Should we want him to jump to a conclusion like Barack Obama?

Should we not want him to condemn all violence?

Is violence only worthy of condemning when it’s violence that media can try to attribute to the right?

It would seem so, as they didn’t even think the Antifa violence worthy of mention at all…

H/T YoungConservatives

We need to end the drama as soon as possible. There’s no need of blaming Trump for everything that happens. Charlottesville violence was orchestrated by the globalists and it was so obvious that the leftists started the fight. Do you agree with Mike Huckabee?