GOP Senator Threatens President Trump-‘We Will Do It Again!’


IS THERE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A DEMOCRAT AND REPUBLICAN THESE DAYS? I don’t think so. The lynch against President Trump still continues and some people are pushing and pushing harder and harder to compromise and sabotage the work of the White House.

One of those people is the “Republican” Senator Flake from Arizona who, believe it or not, spends the entire week barking in front of the mainstream media and also in the Congress about how the special prosecutor Robert Mueller is the best possible option for that position. NO WAY! That’s so wrong, he hired infamous Clitonites to ‘assist’ him in his dirty work.

However, Flake threatens President Trump again. Watch this:


This is the communist dictatorship of the elitists. We don’t want elitists no more, we need a man with an iron fist who is going to do something for this nation and that person is Donald Trump.

The year 2018 will be the deciding moment for our future. We have to get rid of those totalitarians on Capitol Hill. Robert Mueller can’t get ahold of this position because of conflict of interests and that’s so obvious. Don’t you think?