Granny With AK-47 Comes Out Blazing, Sprays Thugs That Ambushed Cops


If you know someone who needs a reason to support the Second Amendment, be sure to share this amazing story with them.

Earlier this week, officers of the LAPD received some unexpected backup when they found themselves in a firefight with local LA gang members. Officer Ricardo Cordova and Frank Cho responded to a call regarding a suspected drug deal in a parking lot. When they showed up on the scene, bullets started flying.

It was immediately clear to the officers they were in serious trouble—a feeling that escalated when several more shooters showed up on the scene.

Fortunately, their fate took a monumental shift when a 79-year-old woman showed up on the scene with a bulletproof vest and an AK-47 rifle. She ran to the officers’ rescue, firing more than 160 rounds at the criminals and scaring them off.

This is the power of having guns in the right hands. What do you think of this incident?