Greg Gutfeld Just Crushed Idiot Juan Williams So Hard When He Tried To Compare Trump’s Taxes To Benghazi


Don’t you wish you could fire idiot liberal Juan Williams from Fox News’ The Five? We all do, but the show needs to keep Williams as the token stupid liberal so all the real thinkers in the room can use him to prove their points.

This was on clear display recently when squirrelly Juan Williams tried to smear Trump over his taxes and use it to cover Hillary’s classified information crimes. As you can expect, it bombed horribly, thanks to Greg Gutfeld.

Said Gutfeld, “Trump — what Trump was trying to hide was embarrassing but not illegal. He doesn’t want to look like a bad businessman, so he did — he hid because it was embarrassing, not illegal. What Hillary shields is a mishandling of classified information, not necessarily embarrassing, but illegal.” Stupid Juan then said, “It wasn’t illegal.” Greg countered with, “It is.” Juan didn’t give up, saying,  “No, it’s not, FBI. Look, we know that that’s not illegal. So let’s forget that.”

Gutfeld didn’t let him get away with his lie, saying, “She knew it was illegal. She knew she was breaking the law.” Idiot Juan wouldn’t give up, saying, “It was not illegal.” Bill O’Reilly stepped in, saying, “But it is illegal to put out classified information.” Juan then tried to change the subject, saying, “My point is, he’s not a good businessman. If I lost that much money, if I lost — if you say, hey, Juan, I want to invest my wealth with you.” O’Reilly finished Juan off, saying, If you had, if you had made it back and you had the Juan jet. Then I would probably say, ‘Look at the Juan jet.’” The audience laughed…at Juan. Can Juan Williams get any dumber?