Hannity Asks Parents Of Las Vegas Victim About Trump, Their Reaction Blew Him Away


President Donald Trump together with his wife Melania spent the last couple of days in Las Vegas helping the victims of the shooting. They are here to comfort the victims, give them support and, of course, President Trump is certainly trying to find out what really happened in Vegas and who needs to take responsibility. However, the victims tell amazing things about Donald and Melania Trump and how their visit affected them and their families.


President Trump Showed Up To Las Vegas on Wednesday after the deadliest mass shooting in US history literally a day after his visit to Puerto Rico to see the devastation after Hurricane Maria.

The President and First Lady visited some victims from the shooting and showed their true colors of care and compassion for fellow Americans in their time on need by meeting with them personally at the hospital.

After meeting with one victim, Sean Hannity came in and asked questions to the victims and their parents. What these parents said about President Trump and First Lady Melania blew them away. Take a look:


Hannity: “So what was it like to meet the President and First Lady?”

Victim’s mom: “They are genuinely amazing people who really cared & you can tell when someone cares.”

Victim’s Dad: “He was comical, he was such a fun guy. I mean it was just amazing. I knew he was genuine, I met his cook outside and he said, “You wait and you’ll see how genuine he really is.””

Hannity then joked about why Presiden Trump needed a cook because all he eats is Wendy’s, pizza, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. They all then shared a laugh. Hannity is really great.

This was truly an amazing interview of the parents and they were incredibly grateful to have met with the President and First Lady first hand after a tragic event like that.

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This is how the true relation between a good President and citizens looks. Please spread this beautiful story and pray for the victims. Nobody deserves to witness or be involved in something so horrible. God protect the USA! Amen!