Hannity Just Destroyed “Saboteur” Paul Ryan With 8 Vicious Words For Helping Elect Hillary, Ryan Lost His Sh*t


One disturbing aspect of the 2016 Presidential election is the fact that the Republican establishment can’t admit that they’ve been defeated. They still fantasize that they got “their guy” to be the nominee, just like the deeply corrupt Democratic establishment did with Hillary Clinton.

Even Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has been toeing the establishment line when it comes to Donald Trump. The sick thing is that, by not fully supporting Trump, Paul Ryan is helping Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Sean Hannity has seen enough of this treachery. He called Ryan out personally, saying that he’s “a saboteur who needed to be called out and replaced.”

Continued Sean, “You know what bothers me the most about Paul Ryan and these weak Republicans? They are tougher against Donald Trump than these weaklings ever have been against Obama.”

He added, “And if they’re offended by Trump’s words, why haven’t any of them spoken out about Bill and Hillary’s actions towards women? They’re a bunch of phony — I mean I can’t take it anymore. They are so weak that Obama got his entire agenda passed.” Do you agree with Hannity? Watch below: