It’s Happening! He Just Called For Preemptive Strike On North Korea


The tension between North Korea and the rest of the world is growing bigger by the day. Kim Jong Un had so many chances to prove that he is a good leader and that he really cares for his poor country. Instead of finding a mutual solution for the problem HE CREATED on his own, Kim Jong Un insulted President Trump using disgusting words and, worst of all, he threatened to drop hydrogen bomb in the Pacific as his ‘unique’ response to Trump’s speech in the UN. BUT, he just received some very bad news. This nation is losing the temper. Look what they just purposed:

A GOP Lawmaker has just called for a preemptive strike on North Korea!!

The Hill reported: Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) is calling for President Trump to preemptively strike North Korea.

Hunter on Thursday warned that North Korea could have a nuclear missile aimed at naval bases in the U.S., including San Diego.

“Why would they not aim here, at Hawaii, Guam, our major naval bases?” Hunter said, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. “The question is, do you wait for one of those? Or, two? Do you preemptively strike them? And that’s what the president has to wrestle with. I would preemptively strike them. You could call it declaring war, call it whatever you want.”

Hunter is a member of the House Armed Services Committee.


What do you think about this? Should we strike first after everything Kim Jong Un did? This madman already announced his sick plan to drop a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific! No more tolerance, this is getting old.

Even if they go bankrupt- they are communists, they are brainwashed and Kim Jong Un is their living GOD. Military intervention looks like the best possible solution.