HEARTWARMING – After Lee Greenwood’s EPIC Performance, Trump Did The UNTHINKABLE!

Today is the biggest day in the modern American history! Praise the God Americans and pray for Donald Trump! This day will be remembered as the new beginning for our people, today we’re ending the long suffering, today we start to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! For this moment I recommend you to watch the video below and see what Trump did after Lee Greenwood played ,, God Bless The USA”- THIS IS TOUCHING!

God bless the USA!! At Thursday’s pre-inauguration festivities, Lee Greenwood killed it with his rendition of God Bless the U.S.A. Donald Trump is so patriotic. You can tell.

Lee Greenwood performed his biggest hit at the Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration. God bless Trump, y’all! This was such a magical moment.

That was a super magical moment. Please help us share it with every single Trump voter. This is why we voted Trump, patriots! This moment right here. The chance to see our President actually caring about America.

H/T Liberty Writers New

This is the President we’ve been all waiting for! My heart is full of pride when I see this honorable man actually caring for our country and singing out loud together with the people in the crowd! This is something that the media would’ve never posted. Now, look who is the real patriot! GOD BLESS AMERICA!