Here’s Obama’s “Response” to U.S. Troops Getting HIT With Chemical Weapons…It’s SAD


The Ancient Egyptian civilization was ahead of many other civilizations around the globe when it flourished on the edges of the River Nile thousands of years ago. These two videos explore the connection between sacred geometry, the Pineal Gland and the ‘sacred, now lost’ knowledge obtained by the Ancient Egyptians which allowed them to achieve fascinating things thousands of years ago.

Of course.

While our troops are getting attacked with mustard gas in the Middle East, President Obama is busy spreading climate change nonsense on Facebook.
His administration has referred to climate change as the biggest national security threat we face.

That should tell you everything you need to know about his foreign policy expertise.

The guy has no clue.

Let’s also not forget that Hillary is out there pretending that we don’t even have troops in Iraq.

Between the two of these clowns, it’s pretty clear that they have no intention of taking our presence in the Middle East seriously.

Which means the lives of our troops are very much in danger.