Here’s Who Won The Second Presidential Debate – By A Big Margin


The Internet is the first judge of the debate case. If you were wondering who won the second debate, check the Internet Sunday night. Trump won! And he won real good. As expected, of course. Even some of his opponents admitted it. This victory was inevitable. We knew that the debate will end this way. Hillary couldn’t do anything to save it.

They both had the chance to give their best, but Hillary had nothing to offer. She never does. Her only virtue is to cover up her criminal actions, and threat rape victims. Lame.

Via The Daily Caller

After Trump and Hillary Clinton went head to head for 90 minutes during a town hall style debate in St. Louis, Mo., it was clear that the Republican nominee had won the Internet over.

In a poll run on the Drudge Report, 92 percent of voters agreed that Trump won while a mere 7 percent thought Clinton did.

The pollster Frank Luntz tweeted that 16 members of his focus group determined Trump the winner, while six of them thought Clinton had.

“Hillary does well when she appeals for bipartisanship, but plummets when she blatantly ignores the mods,” Luntz noted on Twitter.

Peter Beinart, a contributing editor for The Atlantic, agreed that Trump won as well.

That’s how you do in a debate. That’s how you do! Good job, Trump! It was clear from the very beginning. The victory is yours! Go home, Hillary. You have nothing to do in the world of politics. Learn from Trump.
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