Hey, Meryl Streep! Remember When OBAMA MOCKED The Special Olympians?


The hypocrisy of the Hollywood left-winged celebrities crossed the line with the annual Golden Globe Awards. Meryl Streep together with the so called ,,host”- the little chipmunk Jimmy Fallon presented what does it mean to be an angry, frustrated and ignorant servant of the liberal agenda.  But, one thing is complicated- how can you be a ,,freedom fighter” when you don’t know what freedom is. These sick Hollywood celebrities who are bragging all the time against our elect-president are nothing more than paid agents to act stupid in front of the cameras.

Streep was talking about mocking a disabled journalist by Donald Trump- WHICH IS NOT TRUE! Our elect president demanded the stupid accusation and posted a video too, just to explain how stupid M. Streep is. Now, we have to share a wonderful report with you, dear patriots. We speak about hypocrisy all the time, now you are being served with evidence, just to show you WHO IS THE BIGGEST HYPOCRITE!

Meryl Streep was literally in tears at the Golden Globes as she recalled Donald Trump’s taunting of a disabled journalist.

But where was she when Barack Obama did something very similar? Oh, that’s right, her liberal Hollywood double standard makes that irrelevant.

Never mind that it has been pointed out that Trump’s hand gesturing to the reporter in question was how he taunts everyone, in any situation.

He wasn’t making fun of the man’s disability. But liberals have run with that narrative, and it has paid off.

However, as usual, they ignore even more serious insults coming from their own side of the aisle.

In a 2009 appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Obama very clearly disparaged all who train and take part in the Special Olympics.

The Special Olympics are the premier sporting event for disabled persons.

When asked how he had done in during a recent visit to the White House bowling alley, Obama said he had scored a 129.

Leno scoffed jokingly, to which Obama responded, “It was like Special Olympics or something,” as he chuckled.

Well, Mr. President (not much longer, thank God), the Special Olympics are not a joke. And neither are the athletes who train very hard to compete in them.

But this isn’t about Obama. It’s about the Hollywood liberal elite like Meryl Streep who give a pass to Obama for such offensive language, but will misconstrue every word out of Trump’s mouth to push their agenda.

H/T Conservative Post

This is the end for you Meryl Streep! Now, PLEASE, everybody share this post, send this post via twitter or FB to Meryl Streep and ask her if she thinks that Obama did it right with his jokes about disabled people. Well, she loves her dear Barack, she would have never said a word against him. That is hypocrisy people, now you know how sick the libtards from Hollywood are!