HILARIOUS!!! Whoopi Runs Her Big Mouth at Mike Pence… GETS A BRUTAL RESPONSE!w


Whoopi Goldberg is back! This old woman and actress with date expired wants to make radical changes in American society with the final goal of destruction of our country’s internal racial relations. After Donald Trump won the elections Whoopi just can not accept the defeat and is bragging all the time on the television. This becomes sick, as she is being punched in the face after every statement and accusation she uses to disseminate her liberal propaganda.

Latest attacks were against Mike Pence, accusing him of being homophobe and crucial mistake in Trump’s campaign. This is so wrong and many popular journalists and intelectuals corresponded against this hard accusations:

“He actually redirected some funding from AIDs research to conversion,” said Sara Haines.

Jedidiah Bila chose to defend Pence, saying that though she “didn’t mind the statement” itself, she minded “the way it was done.”

“I think there has to be a place—Mike Pence didn’t show up there as [vice] president-elect, he showed up with his daughter to see a play,” Bila argued as her cohosts tried to interrupt her with their protests. “This was not a political discussion. If I went to see a play, I’m very vocal politically on this show, if I went to see a play—“

“But you’re not vice president and they wouldn’t be doing this to you,” Whoopi Goldberg interjected.

“Maybe if I explain how this works you’ll understand it better,” Whoopi continued, telling Bila that when the cast learned that Pence would not be coming backstage, they read the statement during curtain call “because they wrote this for him, they wrote this to him.”

Whoopi also said that there’s a long history of Broadway stars speaking out about important issues from the stage, including during Broadway Cares/Equality Fights AIDs events.

Bila, however, refused to backdown to Whoopi. Watch the video:

“The way that I felt hearing it was, you’re basically marginalizing that person in the audience,” Bila argued. “You’re saying, ‘you’re part of the problem. I hope that you won’t be, but my perception of you is that you’re the other.’”

“What’s wrong with seizing the moment though?” Joy Behar asked “They’re not going to have this chance again. There he is, the perpetrator of anti-gay policies.”

H/T DailyWeb

Now they are using the gay community to achieve some of their goals. Liberals with their member Whoopi Goldberg are reaching their limits,don’t you think? But they can not change our way of life, our tradition, our culture. Everything they do is compromised and the real independent intelectuals always put them in place.