Hillary Clinton Came Out Of Nowhere With CHILLING ANNOUNCEMENT


Hillary Clinton has spent the past few months “in the woods” licking her wounds after her humiliating loss to Donald Trump in the presidential election. Now, reports are indicating that Clinton is desperately trying to figure out the best way she can reenter the public eye and bring down Trump.

The Associated Press reported that this comes a week after Clinton announced the formation of Onward Together, a political group designed to aid progressive causes and oppose the Trump agenda. She proudly declared herself to be part of the Trump “resistance,” adding that her new mantra is “Resist, insist, persist and enlist.”

This week, Clinton began her anti-Trump push by publicly bashing his new budget, saying it showed an “unimaginable level of cruelty.”

Clearly, Clinton has no intention of resting until she has gotten revenge on Trump by completely destroying him. SHARE this story if you think Clinton should GO BACK TO THE WOODS!