Hillary FINALLY Got Asked About Clinton Foundation, and Her Answers are Terrifying!


Hillary Clinton let CNN’s Anderson Cooper take a crack at her after 264 days of denying the American people a press conference. You might expect that CNN would toss a bunch of softballs to her, but they actually asked her some tough questions and she utterly failed in answering them.

Now we here at The Political Insider would not put you through the horrors of actually having to sit through the entire interview. NO!! We care too much about your eyeballs and don’t want you to have to bleach them.

Instead, we offer the four DUMBEST things she said during her CNN interview!!

With videos, if you dare.

1) Hillary Can’t Say Why Ethics Rules Aren’t ALREADY In Place at the Foundation!

The Clintons are now promising that they will stop being corrupt and be ethical in the future if the American people are dumb enough to vote for Hillary. Why aren’t those ethics rules in place NOW at the Clinton Foundation? She doesn’t have a clue!!


2) Hillary Cites The Ethics Agreement She VIOLATED!!

Amazingly, Hillary Clinton has the gall to actually cite an ethics agreement she agreed to that would keep her from interacting with the Clinton Foundation while she was at the State Department – but one that she VIOLATED!!

 3) Hillary DODGES Stupidly On Whether She’ll Give A Press Conference!!

Nothing annoys the press more than a candidate who doesn’t just roll over during a press conference. Hillary hasn’t had one in 264 days!! And she ain’t about to stop that either:

 LOL!! “Stay tuned” is all she can say? Amazing.

Hillary is just trying to run out the clock because she’s ahead in the polls and she thinks she can evade justice and criticism until the election – but things just keep getting worse for her. Here’s the latest on the email and pay-to-play scandals that are plaguing her campaign:

 What do you think? Will Hillary be able to run out the clock or will justice catch up to her? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!!

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