Hillary Gets HUMILIATED By Whole Damn Internet After She Tried To Rip Trump’s Muslim Ban

Hillary Clinton sometimes acts like a real hypocrite. First class finest manipulator and recruiter of the liberal leftists who cursed the country, the president and they even burned the national flag. The internet strikes back! It was enough!

We don’t care about prestige or career politicans anymore, we need to protect our country from the immigrant wave. America has to stay united together with the President, because those people(the leftists) are, obviously, not aware of the damage they’re bringing with them.

Hillary Clinton lashed out at President Trump and offered her support for protesters. She said,

“I stand with the people gathered across the country tonight defending our values & our Constitution. This is not who we are.”

It seems Hillary “forgot” what she and Obama did in 2011. She was Obama’s Secretary of state and was in full support when Obama did the same thing Trump did – suspend refugee programs because of concerns over American’s safety.

She did the same thing she is not ripping Trump for. This hypocrisy is the main reason she lost the election.

The internet, and when I say the internet I mean the whole damn internet exploded in laughter. Then the brutal, humiliating mocking began.

H/T World News Politics

Who are the liberals fighting? Who is their enemy? The USA? It seems… They burn the flag of our fathers, they do not respect our veterans and our brave dead heroes. They enjoy in violence instead, they want chaos in the USA, just as they did in Europe. NO! We will support our President!