Hillary Lands in Cleveland… Immediately Sees Something She Never Expected


As the presidential race comes closer and closer to the end, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are spending their Labor Day courting voters around the country. But, as Clinton touched down in Cleveland, Ohio, she saw something she never expected.

One Twitter user pointed out as Clinton’s plane landed in Cleveland, she could see Donald Trump’s plane already landed across the tarmac at the Cleveland airport.

According to the user, Clinton said  “I’m more than ready” when asked if she was prepared to campaign in Ohio.


However, that was right before she saw this:


Yes, that is Trump’s plane, a sight that Clinton saw as soon as she exited the plane.

Obviously, Trump got to the city earlier than Clinton, but it’s definitely not because he’s worried about getting votes.

At a round table discussion this morning in Cleveland, Trump explained how he would bring jobs back to the United States from overseas.

“We will get our jobs back and we will stop companies from leaving. Trade is a one-way street and it’s leading us to the poor house. We have to bring jobs back to this country or we are not going to have a country,” Trump said, according to WJW-TV.

Trump also spoke law enforcement, jobs and manufacturing at the discussion with Brook Park Mayor Tom Coyne.

“I’m all for law and order,” Trump announced at the discussion.

Now, it’s up to the people of Ohio to decide who they want as president.

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